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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Make Art Stop Wars Campaign-"Save Gaza"

save gaza by Kupeh Rodriguez

Enough by Mohd Syafie

GAZA - "i know nothing of their pain"  by Mokhzani Mohamed Ariff

doa aman untuk palestin by Zamza Amir Zahari

save the gaza by Azreen Mat Saed

Go away! by Farhan Rosdi

Save gaza by Ash Ran

get out! by Amin Daud

Save Gaza by Bophairy Baharum

we unite as one by Azreen Mat Saed

can you? by Aboi Cheney

Save Gaza... by Oz Ishak
get OUT! by Rehan Aziz

Doa for the mujahidin by Faisal Nordin

"pasokan berani mati" by Bryan Adam Ahmad

GO TO HELL!! ISRAHELL!! by Syed Alwi

save palestine ! by Muhammad Husni

"peace~" by Mokhzani Mohamed Ariff 

Their Playground, is our nightmare.. by Wan Kipas

...stop!! by Lee Saiko

Free Gaza!!  by Rudiey Sepet

"GAZA" by Kharemo Butet

Have Faith & Be Strong by Cloude Nimbus

Stop The War by Wan Kipas

Sarcasm by Wan Kipas

Manage by Wan Kipas

Save Gaza by Cwnd Dien

Pray For Gaza by  Eijan Tarro

 Aman Palestin by 'Amal Hakim

 Al-Qassam Jihad Soldier by HafidzMusa Snapsyndicate

"rompakan alaf baru" by Kupeh Rodriguez

Pray For Gaza by Dzulfeqar Nasir

1 comment:

  1. awesome artworks...each and everyone of them...my fav is Get Out! by Amin Daud ^^