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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Battle#23-Character Mashup [ Afro Samurai + Jon Snow (game of thrones) ]

1. jo by Mulo むろ

2. Jon Samurai by Mohamad Fadhli

3. Winterfell Samurai by Afiq Asyraf Ariff

4. Snow Afro by  Zulhilmi Md Rozali

5. Enche Jon Afro by Irwan Othman

6. Aforro Yuki by Hamidi Zakaria

7. Black Knight  by Mohd Faiz Al-Hakimi

8. Black Knight and His Badass Wolf  by Mohd Faiz Al-Hakimi

9. jofro by Azreen Mat Saed

10. JORAI NYAH by Awan Biru

11. Night's Watch Samurai by Arez Ezman

12. Afron Game Of Toads by Aboi Cheney

13. Samurai Agogo by Ruzaini Jai

14. Snowfro by Haizeel Hashnan

15. Ah jon samurai by Pamie Kering

16. Jonny Frozen by Chiefu San

17. SAMOORAI by Amir Chan

18. apro by Topex Got Arianna

19. the blind samurai by Kupeh Rodriguez

20. jonromu! by Muhammad Husni
21. jon samurai by Jeme Ipoh

22. HEEEEEEEEYYYYAAAAAIIIIiii!!! by Fahmon Fiveroses

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